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Black Girls. Migrant Domestic Work and Colonial Legacies, Brill, Boston, 2014

Le ragazze di Asmara. Lavoro domestico e migrazione postcoloniale, Ediesse, Rome, 2011


Edited volumes and special issues

Domestic Workers SpeakLondon, Open Democracy, 2017 (with Giulia Garofalo Geymonat and Penelope Kyritsis)

Género, migraciones y transformaciones de la reproducción social y de los cuidados en la Europa del Sur,
 Investigaciones Feministas, 2016, vol. 7 (with Margarita Barañano Cid)

Transformations without Revolutions? How Feminist and LGBTQI Movements have Changed the World, Zapruder World, 2015, vol. 2 (with Elena Petricola and Vincenza Perilli)

Employers, Agencies and Immigration: Paying for CareAshgate, Aldershot, 2015 (with Anna Triandafyllidou)

Migrant Domestic and Care Workers in Europe: New Patterns of Circulation?  Journal of Immigration and Refugee Studies, 2013, vol. 11, n. 4 (with Anna Triandafyllidou)

Femministe a parole, Ediesse, Rome, 2012 (with Jamila Mascat and Vincenza Perilli)

Made in Italy. Identità in migrazione, Zapruder, n. 28, 2012 (with Enrica Capussotti and Andrea Brazzoduro)



Paid domestic labour and postcoloniality: Narratives of Eritrean and Afro-Surinamese migrant women, Utrecht University, PhD dissertation, 2010

“We had different fortunes": relationships between Filipina domestic workers and their employers in Rome and in Amsterdam, Utrecht University, Research Master dissertation, 2006


Journal articles

Corporatization of Care: European Perspectives and Debates, Social Politics: International Studies in Gender, State & Society, 2017, 24 (2-1), pp. 109–131 (with Sara R. Farris)

Policing gender mobilities: interrogating the ‘feminisation of migration’ to Europe, Revue Internationale de Sociologie, 2017,  27 (1), pp.6-24 (with Ruba Salih)

Networks beyond nationalities? Relationships amongst Eastern European women workers in Italy facing the economic crisis
Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies, 2016, pp. 1-19. 

Perspectivas sobre género, migraciones transnacionales y trabajo: rearticulaciones del trabajo de reproducción social y de cuidados en la Europa del Sur, Investigaciones Feministas, 2016, vol. 7, pp. 9-33 (with Margarita Barañano Cid) 

Migrant women’s employment in paid reproductive work through the crisis: the case of Italy (2007-2012), Investigaciones Feministas, 2016, vol. 7, pp. 57-74 (con Anna Di Bartolomeo) 

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Le Donne delle donne, in DWF-DonnaWomanFemme: Rivista internazionale di studi antropologici storici e sociali sulla donna, 2004, n. 1-2 (61-62), pp. 68-98

Book chapters        

Gender, migration and globalisation: an overview of the debates. In: Triandafyllidou, A. (ed.), Handbook of Migration and Globalisation (pp. 444-457), Edward Elgar Publishing, 2018

Citizenship and Maternalism in Migrant Domestic Work: Filipina Workers and Their Employers in Amsterdam and Rome
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Reports and Working papers

Gender and Mobility across Southern and Eastern European Borders: "Double Standards" and the Ambiguities of European Neighbourhood Policy, IAI Working Papers 15|19, 2015 (with Ruba Salih)

Gendered and Racialised Constructions of Work in Bureaucratised Care Services in Italy, Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies Research Paper No. 2014/123 (with Francesca Scrinzi).

Europe 2020: Addressing Low Skill Labour Migration at times of Fragile Recovery, Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies Research Paper No. 2014/05. (with Anna Triandafyllidou)

Black Europe? Some Views from Afro-Surinamese Migrants in the Netherlands Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies Research Paper No. 2014/08.

Costs and benefits of labour mobility between the EU and the Eastern partnership countries. Country report: Italy, EuropeAid/130215/C/SER/Multi, Turin 2013 (with Alessandra Venturini & Daniela Piazzalunga).

International migration and over-indebtedness: the case of Filipino workers in Italy, IIED Human settlements working-paper, n. 36, 2012 (with Charito Basa & Violeta de Guzman)

Together? On the not-so-easy relationship between Italian labour organisations and migrant domestic workers’groups, ICDD Working-paper, n. 31, 2012.

Analisi degli interventi d’integrazione rivolti alle donne immigrate, Isfol, 2009 (with Marco Marucci, Lorenzo Fioramonti, Andrea Carlini, Monika Savier, Alessandro Faramondi)

Presences, roles and associative experiences of immigrant women in Italy. Networks, migrants and natives: Experience nets, Welcoming nets, EU - D.G. Employment & Social Affairs, 2004


In conference proceedings         

Domestiche, assistenti o dame di compagnia? Identità performative e pratiche lavorative di cura nelle narrative di donne migranti. In: Elisa Bellè, Barbara Poggio e Giulia Selmi (eds) Attraverso i confini del genere. Atti del convegno (pp. 415-428), Università di Trento, 2013

The gendered construction of a "caring otherness". In: World wide women. Globalizzazione, generi, linguaggi. (pp. 29-38), Università degli Studi di Torino, Torino, 2011 (with Francesca Scrinzi)


Online articles         

Europe needs low-skilled migrant workers too, 2016, Euractive, 27/04/2016

Da migranti a rifugiati, lo strano caso degli ucraini in Italia, 2016, Open Migration, 6/04/2016 (with Sona Kalanraryan and Francesca Alice Vianello)

La città delle migranti,appunti sugli ultimi dati romani, 2016,, 10/03/2016

Time for Rights for Paid Domestic Workers in Europe, 2016, The EUI Times Online, 08/03/2016

Gender Equality for Whom? Some Intersectional Thoughts on the 8th of March 2015, ReflectingOn - RSCAS/EUI, 06/03/2015

Relatives of Dependent Elders and the Difficult Task to Employ a Migrant Care-giver, Women, Work and Value in Europe Blog, 07/12/2014 

Care work and the feminization of labour migration to Italy through the current economic crisis, EUI Policy Briefs, 10/04/2014 (with Anna Di Bartolomeo)

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